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Re: Bodyboarders only!

Post by GCLuke » Sun Sep 07, 2008 12:09 pm

20PSI wrote:
stylefirst wrote:Such a gay forum
Looks like I have a mate on this forum, been trying to get the same message through the last few months but yet futureless cu-nts still roam these forums.

Shut this fu-cken section down and drop your fu-cken balls guys, I bodyboard but everyday I feel more concerned for the prosperity of Australia because of 95% of bodyboarders that spin the Northern Beaches, excuse the pun are not jerks, more like Mosman Mums when they are driving the streets in their 4WD's - ***.
If your in that 5% your top blokes fortunately for you, that other 95% obviously vote labor - meh
are you a woman's rights activist?
because thats the vibe im getting here..

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Post by Dingus » Sun Sep 07, 2008 6:52 pm

No, Women's Libbers started as precocious smart arse pre-teens, moved to wanna-be prima donnas with massive chips on their shoulders because of their lack of substance who eventually let someone feel them up to try and gain some points in a skewed view on expectance. The fallout from this pushed them to then be ready to graduate as Libbers after rediscovering their pre-teen mindsets at Uni, now however a lot angrier with hate lines etched around their face.

20psi is still stuck on the first stage.

Psi sweety, when Geoff from the cricket team starts trying to get you alone at that house party one Saturday night, you just tell him.......ahh f*ck it, you're screwed up either way.

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