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Re: Gary McNeill

Postby JaM71 » Fri May 19, 2017 6:16 pm

batoes wrote:I agree. It is a very fast board. I ride it at mystics when it's chest high and over. It's the type of board where you don't think you can make a section and next thing you know you're in flat water, laying a rail to get back to the foam ball. I've made a few really good waves out there. The single concave that runs the length of the board is great. Lot's of lift and drive. I wish i had the fifth fin option to maybe slow it down and give it some more pivot. That said, on the right wave you can smack the lip, but i find it more of a down the line driver that you push hard into a cutback. If you like quads - this is the ultimate. Better than all the others i've ridden. But you've got to be on your game. At some stage i was a decent surfer and reactive enough to work with a board like this, but as children, work, injury and life sucks my time out of the water like an overzealous kreepy Krauly - i've found i only pull this one out when the waves are good.

Rasta quads - i think they're made for the board. I'm still keen to ride mine as a twin. Just waiting for the right swell.

Perfect winter board Davros. How long have you gotta wait???

Damn u Batoes! You re a bloody menace, now I want a cv2 & Mackie sidecut fish. I am happy with my quiver till I log in here then everything becomes a car wreck....

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Re: Gary McNeill

Postby batoes » Sat May 20, 2017 9:09 pm

You've been down the mcneill path - time to try something different.
Hatchnam wrote:
Filthy little hipster.

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