The Penile Dribble Thread (and other embarrassing problems)

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The Penile Dribble Thread (and other embarrassing problems)

Post by Natho » Fri Jul 05, 2013 9:57 am

Hi All,

thought I would start realsurf's very own embarrassing problems thread. A place to come and share your embarrassing issues and let your fellow realsurfers offer their advise or share their like problems. Like a realsurf Mens Shed to share all issues wee wee, poo poo,bottom, dick (or fanny), balls, smells etc.

My embarrassing problem was that of the penile dribble. After a long satisfying wee I would zip up only to feel some drip or dribble down the leg a few minutes later. A case of the penile dribble. Apparently this is very common and most often is caused by urine sitting in the curved part of the wee wee pipe. So you think you have given your final squirt, however there is still some wee wee in the plumbing. Simple fix to this issue is to push a firm finger or two on the gooch smack behind the lolly bag. This puts pressure on the wee wee pipe and you are rewarded with a delightful quick shot of wee. pipes are now clear. Simple and no more dribble.
In my case Dr says it is the distance between base of wang and eye of wang. So the last drops of wee are taking a while to exit due to the distance travelled. Surgery is the only fix in this case.
Please kindly share your embarrassing issues and see if we may be able to help you.

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