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Surfboards Australia ~ Second Hand Surfboards

Post by yourboardstore » Fri Aug 16, 2013 2:24 pm

Your Board Store is the newest and one of the best online surfboard stores in Australia where you can buy and sell
new or used surfboard

We are proud of the progress in development in our platform for selling and buying new and used surfboards in Australia.

With over 40 years experience in the surf industries we feel that we have discovered a niche which undeveloped to the standard that the modern day surfer would want to use.

Further to the above we believe that simply setting up a cookie cutter trading site for the surf industry isn't good enough for our advanced core surfers who need a more customised platform.

Users can trust that when listing on our site that their surfboard or sup will be seen if a customer is looking for it on the Internet. We have a business and marketing plan in place which includes a large budget for marketing on many different targeted mediums which could include surfing print, av, in store and of course mainly targeted commerce channels. All of this extra work put in by our team will be that you the customer will have the best chance at selling your surfboard and then hopefully buying a new surfboard through our site.

We offer new and used surfboard from all leading brands including Channel Island Surfboard, Chilli Surfboard, JS Surfboards, DHD Surfboards,
Firewire Surfboards, Vern Jackons Surfboards and many more. You can also get surfboard of various shapes like fish surfboards , funboard surfboards , groveller surfboards , gun surfboards , malibu surfboards , mini mal surfboards and more. Shop today!

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