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Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:44 pm
by swellcast
Hi All,

I've been working on a new surf forecast site for Australia over the last year. It's been a real slog, but it's starting to finally get some traction. Essentially it's a modern, simple interface for reading swell forecast data. It uses the same raw data as other forecast sites, but the overall user experience is very very different.

Check it out here -

In addition to a super simple interface, 4 day data sets are freely available for anyone to access, build apps with, and integrate with other websites, via an API ( So one could essentially present the data to fit with another brand or website layout. This process would take some web developer input and development, but the results could be vastly better than simply using a third party branded 'widget' on the site. Obviously geared toward commercial application.

Right now I'm in the process of getting out and about and telling people about the site. The reaction has been pretty good, and I've got a road map for more locations and features over the coming months.

Would love to hear any feedback you have. Hope you find it to be a useful resource.




Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:46 am
by Cactusrack
Hi Ray,

From first impressions, the interface and design of the website looks great! Easy to read and can see the potential to add sites easily later on. Would be great as you said to see this as an app.

2 small details:
- quick to add is a favicon (icon in browser tab)
- Maybe a small widget on tides as well (current tide or next tide)

Hope this helps.



Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2013 10:56 pm
by swellcast
Thanks for you feedback cactus rack. Finally got back on here!

Well we've made a lot of improvements over the last few months, and Im looking into tide software right now (playing around on a separate server). I hope to have this featured included very soon.