Stuck which board to get now…

Can't find the right forum, then post your general surf-related remarks here!

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Re: Stuck which board to get now…

Post by JaM71 » Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:21 pm

Before you rush out and spend a grand on a McCoy research these forums. Yes they certainly have volume and are wave catchers but they do have flaws and are not for everyone....i couldn t do a forehand snap on one to save my life :oops:
You may also like to check out the MCtavish sumo thread on this forum and check out Cuttlefishes beautiful carbon DVS.....and rather than settle for a single consider a 2 plus 1 set up.
I have a stocky little diamond tail DMS Crumpet and love it, 39 litres of wave catching pleasure compressed into a 5'11 :shock:
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Re: Stuck which board to get now…

Post by Davros » Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:53 pm

Just 2 cents worth

The Channel Islands M13 gets a lot of positive feedback, have a look on the site, and i see a few Wayne Lynch Surftech 7'0 and 7'2 around the place for 450-500.

Stubbies with moderm bottoms (non Hulls) are great for us bigger guys, when I'm tied of riding 6'2/'4 or to unfit from lack of water time and pissing up with Hamburger chasers. If your not famailar (probably be corrected here) they are like a rounded pin tail fish with a thruster set up actually 6'6 x 2 7/8 x 21....flat as a tac, nose wider then the tail (teardrop shape, older 70's shape) massive blimp, surfs front or back foot but turns great wihin reason and runs a great high line up to 5/6 ft. Just simple fun....and you have the weight to for it.


Go a 6'10 Bonzer Egg, I have a shorter Bonzer but your just getting back into it, the round nose will paddle in like 7'2 big guy shorty and it will make your 95 kilos seem like 75 kilos, ...they are fast, flowing and you'll feel like a style master riding it (like me you may not look like one...but they feel great) once you get it dialed (I reckon they feel a bit flat and stiff at first), but maybe not the best 1 go to board but an option....Luke Short has license in Ausralia to make Campbell Bros

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Re: Stuck which board to get now…

Post by diggerdickson » Wed Feb 08, 2012 3:36 am

I havent read this whole thread, all I noticed is you had a board from beachbeat, thereby Im thinking your a sushine coast boy, if that is the case I can only make one suggestion, I reckon people might bag me for saying this. but here goes.

Grap all your boards, go down to mark pridmores next board testing day, there is one coming up soon, and talk to the man, you need to talk to a shaper, it doesnt have to be mark, but the best thing about this oppurtunity is mark will have a variety of boards and models for you to look at, even if they are not the right size you will be able to get a idea of what is around. Mark is just a little grommet at heart, I dont want to plug him over any other shapers but.......... if you know of a shaper with a grommets heart go see em, see there range, talk to them. Mark mainly deals in pu boards, he dealt with me fantastic and made me a cracker mate.

Another suggestion on someone who has a grommets enthusiasm for what he does is tiger, he is further up the coast towards noosa, and tiger builds composite boards, they are made to last, cost more coin but you wont regret it, he has been around a while and is highly recommended. Pm them both, Im sure there are other shapers up here on realsurf.

One last thought, I have to mention fong, fong does know his stuff when he talks about boards, he has been in the industry as well no matter what people have said about him, he is a great bloke, and the boards he sells are by HUEI, I dont need to tell anyone of the standard of hueis work and you cant go wrong there either.

Dont buy off the rack is my only thought, go custom, spend coin if yourve got it, and enjoy the ride as someone makes you a cracker of a board



ps. make sure you tell us what you decided, pics are a must, and a ride report please, Im stoked for you that your getting a new board, bloody exciting just thinking about. Oh, and one day, try making one yourself, its bloody addictive I tell ya :lol:
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Re: Stuck which board to get now…

Post by Squidlips » Wed Feb 08, 2012 12:43 pm

thanks guys for all the advice, :D :D :D

Ive now got heaps of options as to what my next boards gonna be, in fact enough options to buy another 5 boards.

My fave out the whole lot is definately the SUMO. I could see myself tearing up the local points and beachies on that thing.

And Digger, the beachbeat fish - it was shaped by a guy called Chops at Beachbeat in St Ives in Cornwall UK.

Good advice about learning to shape too.

I would deffo take up this option if there was some weekend classes on this in the Geelong/ Surf Coast area.

the hulkster
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Re: Stuck which board to get now…

Post by the hulkster » Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:01 pm

I was in a simular position around 12 months ago. I surf the same break as you at Possos and 13th. I was stepping down from a 8'3' longboard. I ended up getting one locally shaped by Rousa Surfboards in Ocean Grove (he even let me borrow one to try out before shaping it - huge bonus). He made me a 7'1' step down from a mal. I have surfed it at Possos and 13th and it goes great. Paddles really well goes fast i really enjoy it. Mind you i am no gun surfer just average i think. The board turns well probably even better if i was a better surfer. I am no surfboard expert but i think MArk Pridmore might shape what you are after maybe a Dumpling or a Fat Bat as he discussed with me. He was super helpful even though i never ended up getting a board from him (one day though).

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