Hey Longinus!!!!!

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Re: Hey Longinus!!!!!

Post by Quangers » Sun Jan 31, 2010 2:42 pm

Nice - this is getting good.

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Re: Hey Longinus!!!!!

Post by Chillin » Mon Feb 01, 2010 7:50 am

Page 18

Their search revealed a professional website which showcased many corporate and commercial interests, but there was no mention of the owners or directors. Warren wanted to spend more time looking but Leanne reminded him of their date at the restaurant.
Leanne took forever to get ready and Warren flicked on the TV while he waited.
“Police have revealed the identity of the male person found dead on a south coast beach today. He was well known Sydney identity and real estate tycoon Dieter Bandenhouser. Police have revealed that Mr. Bandenhouser was on a holiday when he disappeared and they are asking the public for information regarding Mr. Bandenhouser’s movements. They have also released a photograph of a Porsche Cayenne 4WD similar to the one being driven by Mr. Bandenhouser when he disappeared.”
Leanne walked into the lounge “How do I look” She said.
Warren looked around momentarily. “Great” he said, not really seeing her. His attention went back to the TV. They were showing helicopter footage of the police combing the beach at Seaweed. “Shit.” he said.
Leanne sat down on the lounge beside him. “What?” she said.
“That’s my van down there. That means every bugger in town is going to know that it was me that found the body.”
They watched in disgust as a reporter tried to get an interview with Bandenhouser’s distraught family. The station then ran a profile of Bandenhouser’s life from the time he emigrated from Germany with his parents, to his climb up the rich list and his marriage to a well known socialite.
The station moved to a different story and Warren flicked off the TV. “That was pretty amazing, I just switched it on and they were doing that story on the murder.”
“So you’re convinced it’s a murder then?” Leanne asked.
Warren hadn’t considered that response and looked at her blankly. “Judging by the state he was in, I’d say he was murdered, but then I’m not a cop or a forensic scientist.”
Leanne laughed “CSI Henderson staring Warren Dickson as the private eye with all the answers.”
“Yeah, funny.”

The restaurant was busy when they arrived and it was lucky Leanne had managed to book a nice table with a view over the ocean below. Warren finally noticed what she was wearing as she snaked towards their table in front of him.
“You look really nice,” he said.
Leanne looked over her shoulder at him. “You noticed.”
“Sorry, I have a lot of crap in my head at the moment.”
She reached the table and sat down. “Now you know why I left Peter, I just got sick of him not being home, and when he did he would bring all the police work home with him.”
“I didn’t ask to find that body you know.”
She sighed, “I know Waz, and especially seeing as it involves your friend.”
A waiter came over and placed a beer down on the table. Warren looked up in surprise. “What’s this?” he said.
The waiter motioned across the room, “Its compliments of the gentleman at table seven.”
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Re: Hey Longinus!!!!!

Post by Chillin » Tue Feb 02, 2010 7:57 am

Page 19

They turned and looked at the man smiling like a lizard back at them. It was slimy little person that Warren had argued with at Aussie’s place.
Warren was suddenly angry. “No fucking way,” he said. He got up and walked across the room and banged the beer down on the table. It sloshed wetly onto the clean white table cloth. Other customers were looking in their direction, but Warren’s anger was all consuming.
“You can stick this mate, I don’t want any of your charity,” he said.
The man’s smile never wavered, “No need to make a fuss Warren, I was only offering an olive branch.”
Warren looked back thrown “How do you know my name?”
“I know a lot about you, and your lovely girlfriend Leanne. Why don’t you sit down and we can get to know each other. I think we could have a very beneficial relationship.”
Leanne walked up and grabbed Warren by the arm. “Come on Waz, let’s get out of here.”
Warren looked around at her and back at the man “Who are you?” he said.
The man stood up and thrust out his hand. “Curtis Chessels.”
Warren grabbed the outstretched hand and squeezed it in a grip hardened by years of work as a carpenter. Now the smarmy grin faded from Chessels face. Warren could feel the bones chafing and creaking under his unrelenting grip. He slowly pulled Chessels closer to him.
“No need for us to leave Leanne, my friend Curtis here was just going,” he said, squeezing the limp hand a little harder.
The smile may have faded from his face, but Chessels was not a man to be dictated to.
“If you damage my hand Mr. Dickson, I will sue you for everything you have.”
Now it was Warren’s turn to smile.
“You’ll get four fifths of f’all out of me mate.” he said. He loosened his grip and Chessels quickly pulled his hand away.
Chessels sat back down in his chair and gathered himself then looked up. “In case you haven’t heard Mr. Dickson, your friend Paul White has been arrested for the murder of Dieter Bandenhouser.”
“Since when?”
“I just heard a news flash when I was driving over here, they said they had arrested a local man and charged him with murder.”
Warren felt Leanne slide her hand into his, reassuring him. He stared at Chessels for a long time. Chessels looked away, sipping on a glass of red wine.
“You don’t know it was Aussie, it could have been anyone,” Warren said.
“Oh, I think we all know who did it Warren, I’m just not sure why you are trying to protect him.” The sickly smile had returned to Chessels’ face.
“Why are you so interested in this case Chessels? Perhaps the police had better start looking into your dealings with Aussie and his mum. I’m pretty sure that threatening old ladies is not part of the legal process when you are trying to buy land for re-development.”
Chessels turned and looked back up at Warren “I am not the kind of person to harm people Mr. Dickson, and I am certainly not doing anything illegal,” he replied.
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Re: Hey Longinus!!!!!

Post by Chillin » Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:17 am

Page 20

Warren leaned closer and spoke quietly.
“Maybe not, but what about your big ugly offsider. He doesn‘t look like he would baulk at getting rid of a rival in a real estate deal worth millions.”
There was a slight flinch in Chessels’ demeanor, then the lizard smile got wider as he lowered his voice, mimicking Warren’s. “You watch too many TV cop shows Mr. Dickson,” he said.
Leanne intervened, pulling on Warren’s hand. “Come on Waz, I’m not staying here any longer. We’ll eat somewhere else.”
Warren had never felt more like hitting someone in his life, but he let Leanne pull him away towards the door. Other patrons watched them leave talking in hushed tones as.
Outside the southerly wind lashed at them and Warren’s surfer heart new there was going to be waves in the morning. Ironically, he knew that Gray’s Bombie would be going off and Aussie was finally going to miss a surf session there.
Leanne dragged him down the main street until she found a little restaurant she was happy with. Warren walked in a daze, content just to be taken wherever. She led him to a booth in a quiet corner, sat him down and went over to the bar.
He took a long pull on his beer. “He’s right you know, I should just pull my head in and butt out of the situation,” Warren said.
“Crap. Aussie’s your mate and you should make every effort to help him. You didn’t fall for all that garbage Chessels was saying did you?”
“He’s made me think about it all. The cops wouldn’t charge Aussie without evidence, so they must have found something that I don’t know about.”
Leanne reached out and put her hand over his and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Do you think he’s innocent Waz?”
“I don’t know. I’ve known him all my life and he’s a bit rough around the edges, but I can’t see any reason he’d kill somebody. Sure he likes a bit of a rumble and he’s had a couple of drug arrests, but I’m pretty sure he’s no killer.”
“Then we should try and find out what’s going on,” she said, “but tonight we are going to have a nice meal and few drinks and just be together.”
“Yeah, you’re right …cheers,” he said, clinking her glass with his bottle.

Warren woke up early the next morning to the roar of the waves crashing onto town beach. He slid quietly out of bed, dressed quickly and slipped out of the front door.
He drove down to towns and had a look at the waves through the murky early light. It was about four foot and pretty much closing out right along the beach. Several bodyboarders were preparing to take on the shorey. He swung out of the car park and headed south.
The wind had calmed down overnight and left the black/grey ocean oily smooth. The leaden skies threatened to rain on the long lines of swell sweeping in from the horizon. Warren watched from the empty car park at Grays Head as a right-hander jumped up off the suck rock and peeled perfectly down the shelf before emptying into deep water. He picked up his phone and typed in a message to Smithy. "Gray’s Bombie going off, nobody here." He didn’t wait for a reply.
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Re: Hey Longinus!!!!!

Post by Chillin » Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:58 am

Page 21

The new 6’1” he’d waxed up at Seaweed wasn’t going to get a run today, in fact it was still covered in forensic dust. Warren knew that the swell was going to jump overnight so he’d had grabbed his trusty 6’4” pintail from the rack. He estimated the waves at six foot with a few bigger ones on the sets. The bombie was well known as a swell magnet and he was in no doubt the waves would get bigger as the day wore on.
A car pulled up alongside him as he was struggling into his steamer: Smithy stuck his head out of the window. “Thanks for the message, but I was already on my way,” he said.
“No worries, better hurry up it’s gonna get crowded out there.”
“Yeah but it won’t be the same without Aussie in the lineup,” Smithy said, “I heard about him on the radio on the way here.”
Warren had been trying to forget about the whole scenario.
“We can make this as a tribute to him.” He picked up his board, “See you out there.” He turned and jogged down the track.
He tried to time the shore break as best he could but copped a couple on the head anyway. It was a good hundred and fifty meters to the take off point. Thankfully most of it was in deep water and he was able to avoid the breaking waves by paddling wide and angling across the back to position himself behind the takeoff for the next set.

He didn’t have to wait long. He checked his position then paddled inside as the wave hit the suck rock and jacked up under him. With another couple of quick strokes he slid down the face. The wave that greeted him was breaking fast and clean. Suddenly his mind cleared as instinct took over. The trouble and stress of the last few days was obliterated as he jammed a massive bottom turn and drove up the face, exploding off the top with every ounce of power in his body. The top of the wave disappeared in a cloud of spray and he plummeted back down the rushing face. All the bottled up emotion was released into his movements as he carried his speed along the wall. The lip began to crumble and he pivoted towards it and floated above it until he was above the clean face again. Then he dropped down into a fast roundhouse, cutting back toward the freight train lip and gouging back around to emerge in front of the foam ball He raced the wave until it fattened up and dissipated into the deep water.
Smithy had watched the whole thing unfold and caught up to Warren as he settled back behind the takeoff point. “Fark mate! I’ve never seen you surf with so much aggression,” he said.
Warren managed a little smile. “Funny how your surfing reflects your mood” He replied.
“Stay angry mate, you’re ripping.”
That was for you Aussie, Warren thought.

The two men shared waves for half an hour before the car park began to fill and other surfers paddled out. The suck rock is the only takeoff point, and within an hour the Bombie was maxed out. Warren decided that one more wave would do. He was mellower now and couldn’t be bothered with the hustling. As he peeled off the end of his last wave there was a call from a surfer who was paddling out.
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Re: Hey Longinus!!!!!

Post by Chillin » Fri Feb 05, 2010 7:57 am


“Mate there’s a chick up there called Leanne waiting for you,”
“Yeah, thanks mate. I’m just on my way.”

Leanne was sitting in her car listening to the radio when Warren walked up.
“It’s not like you to come and watch me surf,” he said.
“As if I came all the way out here to watch you, especially at this hour in the morning,” she grinned, “Anyway, I Googled Curtis Chessels when I woke up this morning and guess what I found?”
Warren shrugged, “What?”
“Constable Darren Finch is Curtis Chessels’ nephew.”
Warren took a few moments to digest the information. “Well that explains a lot of things doesn’t it. No wonder Chessels knew what was going on all the time.”
“That’s not all. Dieter Bandenhouser and Curtis Chessels used to be partners in a development company that went broke in the nineties. Apparently they blamed each other for the collapse and are now fierce rivals.”
Warren nodded. “That is interesting. See, now you’re playing the detective too, you can’t help yourself.”
“Yeah I know, I woke up with Chessels’ mocking smile in my head and I just wanted to exorcise him.”
“What do we do now?”
“Why don’t you see if we can get Aussie out on bail?”
“Yeah I’ll go down there after breakfast.”

He never made it to the police station after breakfast. Sergeant Peter Lewis was waiting out the front of their unit dressed in civilian clothes. Warren and Leanne went into the house through the door from the garage. “What does he want?” Leanne said as they moved inside.
“I dunno, maybe he’s here to ask you to come home.”
“Fat chance,” she said.
Lewis knocked on the front door as they where walking into the kitchen. Warren opened the door wary of Lewis’ motives.
“Mind if I come in and talk to you for a few minutes?” Lewis said. He seemed overly nervous and looked furtively over his shoulder as he stepped inside.
“What’s this about?” Warren asked.
“Shut the door,” Lewis ordered.
“Are you okay?” Leanne said, coming up beside Warren.
Warren shut the door.
Lewis looked relieved. “It’s about your mate Paul White. I think he’s been framed for murder.”
They both stared at him. “Jeez Pete, you’re the frigging policeman, why are telling us this shit. You should be telling Detective Hall,” Warren said.
Lewis looked at him. “I would, but I think its Hall who’s doing the framing.”
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Re: Hey Longinus!!!!!

Post by purple pyramids » Fri Feb 05, 2010 2:51 pm

from ABC News. I take it this is a former police officer.

Police Standards charges man over 20-year crime spree

A 61-year-old man from Kirrawee in Sydney's south has been charged with attempted murder and other serious offences dating from 1977 to 1997.

The man faces four charges of attempted murder, seven of sexual assault and other counts of choking, assault, detain for advantage and discharging a firearm.

The charges have been laid by a strike force set up by the Professional Standards Command - the police unit which investigates allegations against police officers.

The man is due to face Sutherland Local Court tomorrow.

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Re: Hey Longinus!!!!!

Post by Quangers » Sat Feb 06, 2010 9:21 pm

Oi, Chillin, don't tell me you're taking the weekends off...

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Re: Hey Longinus!!!!!

Post by Chillin » Sun Feb 07, 2010 8:10 am

Sorry Fella's, I went to Mudgee to pick up a surfboard, I'll start a thread and tell you why later.

Page 23 AND 24! ..satisfied?

There was nothing to say, they simply looked at him in disbelief.
“You’d better sit down,” Leanne said, “I’ll make some coffee.”
Lewis made his way to the lounge. Warren sat down opposite, “Are you okay mate?” he said.
“Yeah, I’m okay. Nah, actually I think I’m going nuts.”
“What’s going on?”
“You know they arrested your friend Paul White?” he said to Warren.
“Yeah, I found out last night.”
“I was off duty when they brought him in so I didn’t know he was in the lock up until I went in for night shift, and there he was, asleep in the cell. I had a look at the ledger to see what was going on. The ledger said that Bandenhouser’s credit card had been found in Paul White’s wallet.”
“Holy shit,” Warren interjected.
Lewis looked up from the patch of floor he’d been staring at as he told his story. “Only problem is,” he said, pausing and looking at Warren before he continued, “is that I know for a fact that Bandenhouser’s credit card was on the list of items found in the glove box of his car by the forensic boys. And I know this because I was the one who entered the list into the computer.”
Warren couldn’t speak. He just sat staring at Lewis with an empty feeling of dread coursing through his veins.
“Not only that, but when I checked the list again it wasn’t there,” Lewis continued.
Leanne set two cups of coffee down on the table. “I bet it was that jerk Finch,” she said bitterly.
Lewis looked at her questioningly. “Why do you say that?” He asked.
“He’s the nephew of a developer who wants to buy Aussie’s land.”
Lewis put his head into his hands. “Jesus fucking Christ,” he muttered.
Warren and Leanne shared a look of unease. “I was going to try and get Aussie out on bail later on this morning,” Warren said.
Lewis talked into his hands, shaking his head “Forget it mate; that bloke Chessels has already tried to bail him. He’s even paid for a Sydney lawyer to come down here and look after him.”
Warren reacted angrily. “What the fuschia’s he doing that for?”
Leanne walked over and put her arms around him, “Hey, settle down Waz,” she said.
Lewis looked up at them, “The only person who has the authority over me to get into that file is Detective Hall. That means that he’s gotta be part of this whole thing. I’ve been racking my brains trying to figure out what’s going on and what to do about it.”
“So why’d you come here?” Leanne said.
“I dunno. I left work an hour ago and went to go home. I ended up driving all over town. I couldn’t think of anywhere else to go.”
“Come on, I’ll show you this stuff in the internet that I found this morning,” Leanne said, and lead them into the spare room.

Page 24

The computer screen showed a page from the Telegraph showing Curtis Chessels shaking hands with his nephew, the new police graduate Darren Finch. Warren leaned forward.
“Look who’s in the background,” he said pointing at the screen. There, smiling into the camera was Detective Philip Hall.
A loud knock at the door made Leanne jump and the two men look around sharply. Warren went out and opened the door. It was Smithy.
“Hi Waz, any chance of a coffee,” he said.
Warren gathered himself. “Sure mate, come in.”
Smithy walked in and saw Lewis. “How ya going?” he said, “Dave Smith.”
“Peter Lewis,” said the sergeant, shaking Dave’s hand.
Smithy had no idea of the heaviness of the earlier conversation, but he was no fool.
“Are you guys alright? You look like you’ve been to a funeral.”
“Yeah, it’s a bit like that,” Lewis said. “Anyway I was just leaving, I’ll see you around.”
Warren followed him out to his car.
“What are you going to do now?” he asked.
“I think I’m just going to go home and try to get some sleep. I go back on duty this afternoon and I might try and get in touch with a guy I know in Wendall. He’s an internal affairs officer. Maybe he’ll be able to shed some light on Hall.”
“So you haven’t worked with him before then?”
“No, he’s from the C.I.D. Sydney.”
“What about this thing with the credit card, what are you going to do about that?”
“I’m going to have a look and see if I can get a copy of the forensic report. There should be a reference to in there, barring that, I’m not sure. I’ll have to think about it.”

Warren watched the car turn the corner at the end of the street before going back inside.
“I get the feeling something is going on that you don’t want me to know about,” Smithy said.
“Sorry mate,” Warren replied, “Pete and I were discussing the case against Aussie.”
Smithy got up and washed his cup out in the kitchen sink. “No worries. I’ve gotta go and pick up that order of timber anyway, so I’ll get going. I’ll see you up at the pub in about an hour.”
Warren looked at his watch. It was 8:15. “Yeah, cheers mate, see ya later.”

Leanne was still sitting at the computer. “So that’s Detective Hall,” she said as Warren walked in. “It just keeps getting more convoluted by the minute doesn’t it.”
“Yeah, it sure does. Have you found anything else?”
“No, at least not in reference to them, but I did find out that Bandenhouser had been trying to sell his business. So maybe his intentions with Aussie’s farm where true and he was looking for somewhere to retire to.”
“Have you got any guesses as to who the real murderer is?”
Leanne looked at him. “There seems to be a couple of possibilities as far as I can see. Funnily enough I don’t think Chessels is one of them.”
“Why not?”
“Well, like he said himself, he’s way too respected to get himself involved in murder, or even illegal activities. I doubt he would put everything on the line for that property, no matter how much its worth.”
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Re: Hey Longinus!!!!!

Post by Chillin » Sun Feb 07, 2010 4:15 pm

If you are that desperate wooly, PM me, i'll need an email addy to send it to. But its prolly worth waiting, after all, patience is a virtue.
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Re: Hey Longinus!!!!!

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Page 25

“Okay, who are your possible suspects?”
Warren gaped. “You really don’t think it’s him do you?”
“He has a motive, and some of Bandenhouser‘s belongings. We’ve really only got his word for it that Bandenhouser gave them to him.”
“What about Pete’s story about the credit card?”
“Well again, we don’t have any proof that’s what happened, just Pete’s word.”
“So you’re saying that Pete’s is trying to deflect attention?”
“Mmm…maybe. He may be on my list too if I could think of a motive.”
“Jeez, you’re really thinking about this now aren’t you; what makes you think Pete could do something like this?”
“Oh don’t worry; he has a savage temper sometimes. But I really don’t think he’s done this. Besides, if he did he wouldn’t be coming around here telling us he thinks Aussies been framed would he.”
“Yeah, true. Who’s next?”
“Aussie’s mum.”
“His mum! You’re kidding?”
“No I’m not. Didn’t you tell me that she wasn’t too impressed that Aussie had accepted Bandenhouser’s offer? What if Bandenhouser had turned up at her house and she’d let those dogs loose on him. You said his body was pretty badly mutilated and even had a leg missing.”
“Yes, but that doesn’t explain how his body got to Seaweed,” Warren said.
“She could have dumped it in the ocean and the currents could have washed it up there. Or she could have told Aussie what happened and he took it there and dumped it. In fact they could have concocted the whole story together just to get Bandenhouser off their backs. You’ve seen how much of a pain in the arse these developers can be.”
Warren was shaking his head “You’re making it sound all very feasible.”
“If I can do that, then the cops could do it too,” Leanne said.
“Okay, have you got anyone else?”
“Not really, I can’t think of anyone else with a motive. What about you?”
“Nah, I’ve got nothing.” He looked at his watch. “I’ve got to get going, it’s nearly nine.”
Leanne looked at her own watch. “Shit, it is too!” She jumped up. “I’ve got to meet a client at nine.” She kissed him lightly on the cheek. “I’ll see you this arvo,” she said, as she grabbed her bag and disappeared out the front door.

It was a chance encounter that changed the course of Warren’s day. He’d called into the bakery for a couple of pies for breakfast and he ran into Big Gavin. Gavin had just got back into town after his trip to Indo. He raved about the trip and how good the surf had been. He encouraged Warren to save up and go on their next trip later in the year. Warren mentioned the fact that he was probably going to be a witness in Aussies murder trial, so he’d better stay around and be available. Big Gav pulled Warren aside.
“Mate, I knew Aussie was gonna get done one day. I was talking to Finchy just before we left for Indo and he was telling me about the crop of hash they’d found out there on Aussies farm. He reckoned Aussie was gonna get done real bad this time.”
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Re: Hey Longinus!!!!!

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Page 26

Warren was halfway through a beef and bacon pie and he just stopped chewing. “Finchy told you that?” he said through a mouthful of pastry and meat.
“Yeah, he said that he’d been out to the farm on a police raid.”
“When was that?”
“I dunno, just before we left I think.”
“Jesus,” Warren said.
“What?” Big Gav replied.
“Oh nothing mate, just thinking. Listen, I’ll catch you later ay, I’ve gotta go to work.”
“Yeah, sure mate. Has there been any surf around while I was away?”
“A bit. Actually it’s worth a trip down to the Bombie this morning before the onshore comes up,” Warren said.
“Yeah, I’ll go and check it out. See ya.”
Warren messaged Smithy then drove straight to the police station. The front counter area was empty when he walked in. He stood impatiently and waited until Constable Finch came from out the back.
“Warren?” Finch said as he came into the room.
“Hi Daz. I want to talk to Aussie if I can.”
“Sorry mate, he’s on a murder charge. That means its only family that can go in there.”
“Don’t give me that crap Darren. You’ve known me all your life. I just want to see if he’s okay and if he needs anything.”
Darren stood erect. “This is a Police station; we have rules and regulations that will be adhered too.”
Warren’s anger welled up. “There is no way you found any stuff growing on that property Darren. Even Aussie is not stupid enough to plant that shit on his own land.”
Darren stared straight at him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said.
“Then why did you tell big Gav that you found some stuff growing out there when you where on a drug raid?” Warren fumed.
Constable Finch leaned forward and put his hands on the counter “I think it might be time for you to leave Warren,” he said coolly.

Warren tried to calm down while standing at the counter staring at Finch. He realised it was futile and turned and walked out the door. In the van he messaged Smithy - ‘Won’t be there till later, sorry.’
He drove out to Aussie’s place as slowly and carefully as he could, especially considering his frame of mind. It was strangely quiet at the farm when he pulled up. He turned off the motor and silence engulfed him. He waited for the dogs to appear and begin their barking but after several minutes, he cautiously opened the van door and walked towards the house. He climbed the front steps and knocked on the door. Suddenly the barking started and Warren’s heart jumped as the dogs roared, yelped and clawed at the door with the alacrity he’d come to know.
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Re: Hey Longinus!!!!!

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Page 27

Mrs. White’s cursing came almost like music to his ears. The curtain of one of the rooms beside the front door moved and her disheveled head peered out at him before she disappeared momentarily and he heard her chastising the dogs as she unlocked the front door. Warren’s heart melted as she fell out the door and put her arms around him, pulling him close. Her embrace belied her years as she sobbed into his chest. For a long time he held her awkwardly while the dogs sat strangely quiet. It was almost as if they understood the situation before them. He reached up and put his hand gently onto the course hair on the back of her head.
“Mrs. White, are you okay?”
The old woman shuddered at his touch. “What have they done to my boy?” she stammered.
Warren was struggling with the unfamiliar situation. He moved his hands to her shoulders and lightly pushed her away. “Mrs. White, I need to talk to you about Aussie. Do you think you can talk?” he asked as soothingly as he could.
Mrs. White gathered herself and moved away slightly. “I’m sorry Warren,” she said. “I am so afraid and I don’t know what to do.”
“There’s no need to be worried Mrs. White. I just need to know a couple of things and then we will be able to get him out of there.”
Mrs. White turned from him now and made her way towards the back of the house. Warren closed the door and followed her along the dark hall to the sunroom, where she collapsed onto the cushions of the old lounge. She pulled a tissue from a box on the small table beside the lounge, dabbed at her eyes and dropped the saturated tissue into an overflowing bin. Warren pulled up a timber chair and resigned himself to the task. His throat was dry with emotion and he stumbled to find words.
“Mrs. White, I know Aussie has had a couple of drug arrests in the past, but has he ever been done for cultivating?”
“No, he’s always been a bit careful about that. He’s not that stupid that he would let himself get caught growing the stuff.”
“So he wouldn’t grow the stuff here on the farm then?”
“Gawd no. I’d thrash him to an inch of his life if he did that!”
It was the news that Warren wanted to hear. “Did the cops come here a couple of weeks ago and do a search for hash plants?”
“Yeah, it was that young fella, er……..Finch...yeah, Constable Finch that was him. He drove up in his cop car and said he had suspicions about a plantation here and said he was gonna have a look around. I just told him to go for his life; we’ve got nothing to hide. Why do you want to know about that Warren, are they gonna push another drug possession on him too?”
Warren stood up and reached forward, putting his hand on Mrs. White shoulder. “Don’t worry,” he said, “I’m pretty sure he’ll be out of there soon.”
She responded by starting to weep again and putting her hand on his. “I’ve only known you for a couple of days, but it feels like a lifetime,” she said. “Thank you for caring.” The awkwardness returned for Warren. “It’s okay Mrs. White.”
As she looked at him now her face softened and the tears that had held up at the bottom lid of her weary black eyes spilled down her cheeks. “Please, call me Elsie. My name’s Elsie,” she said. Warren smiled and gave a shoulder a gentle squeeze.
“Thankyou Elsie, I would be honored to call you that.” He waited
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Re: Hey Longinus!!!!!

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Page 28

until she gathered herself again and slowly pulled his hand away. “I’ve got to get going now. I’ll come back this afternoon and see if you are okay. We can take my Van into town and visit Aussie and see if there’s anything we can do if you like.”
“I would like that. Thanks again Warren.”
“No worries,” he said.

He walked slowly up the darkened hallway and let himself out the front door. The two dogs greeted him on the front verandah. He reached down and gave the nearest one a pat on the head. It was a solid bull terrier that was almost as wide as it was tall. It almost grudgingly let Warren pat it, accepting him as an ally if not a friend. The other dog was some kind of mastiff cross and it kept its distance, watching him with a detached air of nonchalance. He headed for the van, turning to say “See you later boys” to the dogs, only realising they could’ve been females after he’d said it. He turned the van around and headed back up the dusty track towards the copse of trees that shielded the property from the road.

The impact threw him into the seatbelt with enough force to twist his shoulder. It took a few milliseconds for his brain to register that the police car in the scrub next to him had speared out of a small clearing. It glanced across the front of the van before veering into a small tree. The driver’s door swung open and Constable Darren Finch climbed out pulling his service revolver from its holster. He rested his hands on the roof of the car and aimed at Warrens head.
“Get out of the van,” he ordered.
Fear enveloped Warren’s body like a sheath. He stared uncomprehending at the barrel of the gun pointed towards him.
Finch was getting impatient “I said get out of the car,”
Warren fumbled with the keys and turned off the ignition. Robotically he unclipped the seat belt. His eyes wouldn’t look away from the macabre sight of the gun leveled at his head and he had to feel for the door handle. The door opened slightly then stuck against the buckled front panel. He gave it a hard shove with his shoulder. The metal bent away with a loud groan. As he climbed out he noticed his phone on the floor of the footwell. It must have slid off the seat during the impact. Suddenly his mind cleared and he grabbed the phone and pushed 3 on the speed dial.

“Hurry up!” Finch yelled.
Warren dropped the phone back on the floor and prayed Smithy would realise something was wrong.
“Why are you pointing that gun at my head Darren,” Warren said as loudly as he could, although his voice came out as a coarse rasp.
“Move away from the car,” Finch said.
Warren stepped around the door and back into Finch’s line of fire. Automatically he raised his hands above his head in surrender. Finch lifted the gun and for a terrifying moment Warren thought his life was about to end.
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Re: Hey Longinus!!!!!

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Page 29

Instead, Finch made his way around the back of the stricken police car. He walked towards Warren, stopping only when he was just a metre away. “Put your hands on your head,” he said.
Warren didn’t realise that his hands were shaking until his fingers touched each other and he tried to interlock them. “What are you doing Darren?” he managed to say.

“You are going to stuff things up Dickson, and I’m not going to let you do that.”

“What have I done to make you want to kill me?” Warren said. His voice sounded alien to him but he knew his only chance was to keep Finch talking for as long as possible.

Finch stiffened. “You think you’ve got it all, don’t you Warren. You’re like every other person in this shitty little town. Going to their shitty little jobs and living out their shitty little lives. Well I’m not going to be one of you; I’ve seen the other side. I’ve lived in the lap of luxury and been surrounded by people who live their lives the way they want, free from the tyranny of your work-a-day responsibilities.”

Warren was incredulous. “Is that what this is about? Fcuking money?”

“You have no idea what’s going on mate.”

“Don’t you fukking call me ‘mate’,” Warren said.

Finch grabbed the gun with both hands. The end of the barrel trembled as emotion overtook his grip. “Fcuking friends like you I don’t fukking need any more! I am moving on as soon as this deal goes through and you and the rest of this shitty place can go to hell,” he said, teetering on the edge of control.

Warren was trying to deal with situation as best he could. He realised that getting Finch upset was only going to make matters worse. “So you’re the one who killed Bandenhouser then.”

“Of course I killed him. He was gonna fuschia up my plans, just like you are trying to do.”

“Tell me about your plans Darren, they sound really interesting,” Warren soothed.

Finch seemed to respond to Warren’s ploy and his grip on the gun loosened slightly. “This place is a fkuking goldmine and I talked my uncle into coming down for a look. But that jerk Bandenhouser stumbled in here and got to Aussie before I could set him up. Did you know that Aussie’s mum was dying?” Finch almost scoffed. “Yeah, that’s right, cancer; the big ‘C’ is killing her. With that old bag out of the way and Aussie in prison I was going to be in the prime position to buy this place real cheap. But fcuking Bandenhouser walked in like a fcuking white knight and stole my plan and my future life as a player. Well I wasn’t going to let it happen, not like that.
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Re: Hey Longinus!!!!!

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Page 30

I told Bandenhouser to meet me at the servo in the early morning and we would go for a surf together at Seaweed. Actually, I wasn’t going to kill him at first, but he wouldn’t change his plans even after I shot him in the kneecap.”

Warren could see the gun getting lower and lower as Finch talked. He thought about shuffling closer and trying to take the gun but his legs wouldn’t move. “Is that why the body had one leg missing?”

Finch’s eyes were filled with madness as he recalled the facts. “Haha, I cut his leg off so nobody would be able to find the bullet hole and smashed kneecap. You should have heard him screaming. I nearly shot him in the head to shut him, but then there would have been another bullet hole wouldn’t there. That’s why I shot him through the soft fleshy part of the body. Two shots actually, there’s lots of vital organs in there you know, and I didn’t want to miss any of them. I left him by the shoreline with the waves crashing over him. I’m not sure how long he lay there before he died. Unlike you Warren, because you are going to die quickly from a single gunshot wound to the head.”

Warren’s clasped hands were still shaking and now his legs were also trembling uncontrollably. Sweat dripped from between his fingers and dribbled down his forehead. Blood thudded through his ears like a homeboy’s subwoofer down the main street. “You’re insane,” he heard himself say.

“Maybe I am Warren, but I am going to shoot you and then put the gun in your hand. They will believe me when I tell them that you committed suicide after I confronted you about the murder. People know that it was you that found the body and that there are suspicious circumstances surrounding you. You are going to be a dead accomplice to White’s case. Then I will be free to continue my climb from this shithole into the world of money and luxury like you could never imagine.”

The weight of the gun must have become too much for Finch because he let it drop and dangled it by his side. Warren edged towards him. Finch quickly brought the gun back up.
“Don’t fcuking try that!” he snarled, “I’m going to decide when you die, not you.”

Warren’s heart slumped and he almost collapsed. He had to keep Finch talking to give Smithy time to arrive. He didn’t like his chances.
“How did Bandenhouser’s credit card get in Aussie’s wallet?” he asked.

Finch laughed. “It was never in his wallet. I took it out of the evidence locker and told them I found it in his wallet.”

“Lewis told me it was scrubbed from the forensic list.” Warren said.
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Re: Hey Longinus!!!!!

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thanks for speeding up the posts, as the tension mounts.

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Re: Hey Longinus!!!!!

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Hey Chillin I really like this yarn - It's even motivated me to post after a long time between drinks.

I'm hanging out for the next chapter (like everyone else here I imagine)

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