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Belly board

Post by Beerfan » Sat Jan 20, 2018 9:19 am

Where'd the thread go?

Could you use something like this? $160 before shipping
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Re: Belly board

Post by diggerdickson » Sun Jul 15, 2018 2:09 pm

Hey beer fan, I’m not sure mate. I’m tossing up wether to get a surblank or a midget red blank. I like the density of the red blank, will need a six three to get a 5 foot belly that I’m after. My sims will be 18 tail, 16 blunt nose, around 22 wide. 2 inch at nose and 1 inch at tail. Not sure where center will be but thinking of pushing it forward. I’m keen to do two tri fin bonzers. 4 inch centre in a box and two small side bits with a 4 degree cant. One board will have mellow bonzer conclaves with the 4 degree fins and one will have deeper conclaves with a higher cant, just cause I can. Not sure when this will happen as my shed is a work in progress. I need a new tin roof. Will have one over head double light and one side will have 8 foot of side lights. Will use the shed for all stages and ame thinking of putting an inch of sand on the floor. Nothing like bare foot shaping. I reckon I will be ready to start in the summer
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