Earth Hour 2008

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Will this be a sucess?

Yes, golbally we will be more aware.
No, it will be a fizzer. Its too little too late.
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Post by cambo » Wed Mar 26, 2008 6:20 pm

oldman wrote:Perhaps a less drastic method than killing your children would be to outlaw the killing and husbandry of animals and make everyone vegetarian. It would actually save more water, carbon, methane etc than killing your children and seems much less drastic, don't you think.
Drastic? If global warming really is the approaching apocalypse, then drastic measures to prevent it are justified.

If global warming is directly caused by humans then it makes obvious sense that reducing the number of humans is an essential initial step (NB: I wasn't suggesting your own children should be killed, this isn't personal - everybody's children should be killed).

Bit of a tough sell politically I admit, but certainly continually *increasing* the population (as is happening now), and increasing all their living standards to "american" standards can only make things worse in global warmness terms.

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Post by cambo » Wed Mar 26, 2008 6:42 pm

I was thinking we should probably start with bodyboarders :lol:

Seriously, I was trying to illustrate the difference between a very token "awareness" event such as Earth Hour, and the potential future realities that Earth Hour enthusiasts seem themselves to be unaware of.

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Post by Chamberess » Tue Apr 22, 2008 4:27 pm

smackthatlip wrote:I'll be turning all things electric off for an hour on Sat night. The greatest thing standing in the way of reversing climate change is lethargy and sarcasm. Sure Earth Hour is'nt much and kinda gimmicky, but at least it's something. Even the greatest journey begins with a single step :wink:
Yes, it was very much a gimmick. All the restaurants just made it seem like some new romantic mood they were putting on to bring in more customers. Not to sound cynical, but the establishments who participated (that i saw) didn't really promote it, they just assumed everyone knew about it.

I spent it at a pub in Coogee with friends, drinking by candle light...awww... :lol:

My company signed up and turned the lights off. They also gave each employee a more energy efficient lightglobe and asked that everyone change one light fitting in their house with it after the lights went back on.

My company is a pretty big market leader in terms of top corporations responding to climate change and adopting more eco-friendly practices.

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