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Post by rwkz » Wed Nov 21, 2007 8:57 am

--++sunstroke++-- wrote:
dabomb wrote:You heard me mate
Sorry, I don't vote for retards.

Nor do I vote for people who want to reduce the worlds population by 75%. Unless of course that means I get to stay & you go.
Because they want to decrease the population by killing off 75% of Australians right. :roll:

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Post by sean-- » Wed Nov 21, 2007 9:31 am

You've got to give Bob Brown credit. He's been around a long time hammering out his message and voters have been listening . I reckon the Greens will do very well this time around.

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Post by oldman » Wed Nov 21, 2007 10:36 am

--++sunstroke++-- wrote:Nor do I vote for people who want to reduce the worlds population by 75%. Unless of course that means I get to stay & you go.
Where do you get this stuff sunstroke?

I doubt you will be able to quote anywhere that the Greens have said they want to decrease the earth's population by 75%.

Overpopulation of human beings is the root source of all other environmental and sociological problems, and reducing the worldwide population is inevitable, either by human planning or by the natural consequence of overpopulation.

Even if the greens, or anyone else, advocated reducing the world's population by 75%, it would achieved by natural attrition, not by killing people, you idiot. What did you think they meant, or did you just decide to fart on your keyboard again without engaging your brain.

For those with enough intelligence to deserve to have the vote, can I offer this advice.

Your vote does matter. Ok, that's probably BS, it will make no difference at all.

If your first preference is for a party, then that party will receive electoral funding as a result.

If you want to vote without any party getting more taxpayer dollars, vote for a nutter independent first, and then preference the party that you would like your vote to go to.

Unless you are in one of the few seats where an independent or a minor party is a chance of winning, the importance of your vote is completely dependent on whether you put the Labor or the Liberal candidate higher. Everything else you mark on your ballot paper is pointless.

If you would like to avoid another disaster for Australia, vote anyone but Liberal in the Senate.

Written and authorised by me. Come and get me

Hey Purri, I'll keep my eye out for the 3rd member on the greens ticket. thanks for the tip.

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Post by mustkillmulloway » Sun Nov 25, 2007 8:55 pm

well fongette and i both voted green

we like trees....we'd like our kids too like em too :wink:

if theres any left by the time they grow older :cry:

i didn't want push my politcal views down anyones throat....hence my late entry into this thread ( been killin me not post sooner :lol: )

i just think the greens are the ultimate spoilers in the senate....they WILL keep the bastards honest :?: :idea:

and thats got be good for everyone 8)

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